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Custom Nutritional Program for Professional Athletes



Great athletes want to move to the next level of endurance and performance after each season.  The key to keeping better fitness throughout the season and upping your game is good nutrition - with a variety of great tasting foods and snacks to keep meals interesting and fun. 


Each athlete I work with has unique goals and I work with each one on an individual basis.  The amount of each food group needed depends on the athlete's body type, goals, the type of sport, and the amount of training as well.  For professional sports figures I work with a Certified Nutritionist to focus on 5 areas of nutrition: calories, protein, carbs, fluids, and vitamins and minerals and I base my recipes on keeping the right balance for each individual.


To maximixe the effect on training and execution, my experience with NFL players and MLB players has been to prepare weekday meals, starting 2 - 3 weeks after the end of the season and to continue until the start of training camp.  I am also available through emails, text or phone calls to answer questions and keep them on track throughout the season.
























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